Unexpected Journey

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This is your first family mission, you have to arm and equip yourself and, above all, survive attacks from deadly monsters. Defeat these strong monsters, collect 4 artifacts and emerge from this hostile island as a relic hunter.


  • Collect four artifacts from formidable monsters

How to Play
Walk around in the island, drink water, eat food to maintain your health and earn stat point from fight with limited monster. Each monster will drop item/equipment after killed, use/equip it to improve your character. At the same time, you can recycle extra item to craft those item your want to plan your strategy to beat the LV3 Monster. Fight LV3 Monster when you think you are ready to gain the Artifact.

Game Features

  • Choose your abilities or leave it to fate
  • Choose your skills or leave it to fate
  • Navigate the deadly island, seeking for monsters and gathering artifacts
  • Face the challenges and get ready for the final battle
  • Set traps to weaken monsters
  • Equip yourself with varies artifacts
  • Use special artifact to find the hidden treasures
  • Hunger and thirst are your concerns
  • Fight monsters, each having different skills and abilities
  • Avoid poison area and keep survival.

Language Support

  • English
  • 简体中文
  • 繁體中文

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