40 Days

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40 Days is a special strategy simulation game related with infectious diseases spread all over the city. You, as a head of quarantine department, have been given full authority and manpower to contain the city, deal with different parties, virus in the city and most importantly find out the cure.

Main Objective

  • Find the Cure within 40 days

Key Features

  • Take action like Air Drop, Reinforcement. Examine Citizen, Send Infect to Lab and so on
  • Virus research and face the virus mutant
  • Maintain the medicine price
  • Deal with medicine business man
  • Manage your city
  • Manage your lab
  • Make decision during Critical Moment
  • Make decision during random events
  • Face the Vigilante
  • Defend attack wave from Angry Mob
  • Protect your facilities
  • Upgrade your base
  • Select your commander

Language Support

  • English
  • 简体中文
  •  繁體中文

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