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Pick your team with 3 adventurers, explore and clean the dungeon! Cast your skill based on Color Matching to destroy incoming blocks with every round and try to damage the dungeon’s boss when you can.

Each adventurer had their own skill pattern to destroy the block, when the colour is matched, will gain extra damage! Equip the rune on adventurer skill to make it stronger, and use the item when you feel danger.

Colour and pattern matching dungeon adventure await you!


  • Colour Matching
  • Pattern Matching
  • Round based game
  • Each dungeon journey had 10 different bosses to defeat
  • 50 different boss had their own passive skill to against you
  • 9 job classes to let you set up the adventurer team
  • 14 different runes for you to equip on the skill
  • 13 different items to save your life